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To do the best job possible as a mediator, arbitrator and referee, I review and summarize every new published California civil case. In this blog post, I discuss a new civil case that was published last month. 

Cross-Examination by a Workplace Violence Restraining Order Defendant

When an employer seeks a workplace restraining order, does the defendant have a right to cross-examine witnesses? Last month, the First District Court of Appeal published a decision addressing this issue. To find out what they decided, watch the video above and read my summary of the case below. 

New CA Employment Decision  

CSV Hospitality Management v. Lucas (2022) _ Cal.App.5th _ , 2022 WL 9744258: The Court of Appeal reversed the trial court’s order granting plaintiff’s request for a restraining order under the Workplace Violence Safety Act (Code of Civil Procedure, section 527.8). During the evidentiary hearing, the trial court denied...

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